Working sustainably in home office

Sustainability is very important to DENTTABS! We would like to make our contribution to a more sustainable society, whether it be in the office or in home office.
At DENTTABS, we have learned a lot during Corona crisis and the new framework of living associated with it. We have had to adapt many of our processes so that everyone can work cooperatively together and our processes can continue to run smoothly, all from home.
However, we did not want to ignore the topic of sustainability. Our Sustainability Manager, Nele, therefore presented and tackled the question of how we can also fulfill our conviction of a sustainable company while in home office.
In doing so, she researched various topics and came up with important tips for our team that can be easily implemented in the home office environment in order to stay as sustainable as possible and conserve resources.

DIY: Plastic-free Xmas decoration

Have you ever made a Christmas decoration out of an old shirt? No? Then grab a tea, some cookies and be attentive, because we have a nice and plastic-free DIY for you.

Sustainable Xmas wrapping

With big steps we are heading for Christmas Eve and slowly everyone starts with wrapping the gifts.
We’ll show you a few ways to wrap the gifts for your loved ones sustainable and plastic-free for Christmas. Less waste and more fun for everyone.

Sustainable gifts – our recommendations for your plastic free Christmas

Christmas season starts and comes along with the question:
How can I surprise my beloved ones?
How about a bit more sustainability this time? Because gifting can be also sustainable, plastic-free and ecological.
We are not talking about DENTTABS alone, even if we arte pretty sure that almost everyone is happy about a bag of DENTTABS under the Christmas tree.
But there is so much more to enjoy.
We’ve collected some ideas for you and hope we can inspire you sustainably.

Powerful DIY Lemon Peel Cleaner

Gives you the life lemons, make a juice from it and from the peels a powerful cleaner. That’s what mommy said. Anyway, we know that lemon is great for streak-free cleaning of surfaces.
The power of lemon is therefore also in many commercial cleaners for kitchen and bathroom. But why buy the expensive cleaning products, if you can make a powerful lemon peel cleaner even yourself. 100% natural – inexpensive and still efficient!
We’ll tell you which three ingredients you need for your cleaner and secret dirt weapon and how to make the DIY lemon cleaner.

DIY How to make your own plasticfree deo

Did you know that you can make deodorants quickly, easily and guaranteed plastic-free at home? We have a DIY for you on how to make deodorant cream yourself. The Deo cream comes without plastic, artificial fragrance, – colorings and preservatives.

7 Ways to be more sustainable in your daily life

Every saved plastic package and every plastic-free alternative is a small step forward in the right direction. Sustainability in everyday life begins with little things that make a big difference in the mass.
Today, we’ll show you 7 ways for more sustainability that really make a difference and help you significantly reduce your environmental footprint.

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7 ways to reduce plastic at festivals

Finally summer, finally spending long evenings outside with friends and listening to music.
Who does not think about festivals at the same time? A lot of colorful glitter, beer pong and an endless tent landscape? What often remains after a festival are huge mountains of garbage. Plastic waste!
But can not this plastic waste be avoided at festivals?

We’ve got 7 ways on how to reduce plastic waste at your next festival and replace your most important needs for your festival adventure with sustainable gadgets.

Bamboo – a sustainable material of the nature

Bamboo is a sustainable raw material that can be used very efficiently both from an economic and ecological point of view.
Much discussed and criticized, it represents one of the most sustainable, natural raw materials due to its properties and growth rate.
As a company, we are constantly confronted with different questions about the true sustainability of bamboo, so today we want to give you some facts about the versatile raw material.

Welcome to DENTTABS

We are glad that you have found your way into our blog and have decided for a more sustainable and conscious life.
DENTTABS are # ecological #sustainable and especially #plasticfree.
We offer you a plastic-free and 100% natural alternative to conventional toothpaste.