7 Ways to be more sustainable in your daily life

Every saved plastic package and every plastic-free alternative is a small step forward in the right direction. Sustainability in everyday life begins with little things that make a big difference in the mass.
Today, we’ll show you 7 ways for more sustainability that really make a difference and help you significantly reduce your environmental footprint.

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7 ways to reduce plastic at festivals

Finally summer, finally spending long evenings outside with friends and listening to music.
Who does not think about festivals at the same time? A lot of colorful glitter, beer pong and an endless tent landscape? What often remains after a festival are huge mountains of garbage. Plastic waste!
But can not this plastic waste be avoided at festivals?

We’ve got 7 ways on how to reduce plastic waste at your next festival and replace your most important needs for your festival adventure with sustainable gadgets.

Bamboo – a sustainable material of the nature

Bamboo is a sustainable raw material that can be used very efficiently both from an economic and ecological point of view.
Much discussed and criticized, it represents one of the most sustainable, natural raw materials due to its properties and growth rate.
As a company, we are constantly confronted with different questions about the true sustainability of bamboo, so today we want to give you some facts about the versatile raw material.

Welcome to DENTTABS

We are glad that you have found your way into our blog and have decided for a more sustainable and conscious life.
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