We are glad that you have found your way into our blog and have decided for a more sustainable and conscious life.
DENTTABS are # ecological #sustainable and especially #plasticfree.

We offer you a plastic-free and 100% natural alternative to conventional toothpaste.

Here in our blog we would like to provide you with news and information about the topics of a more sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle. We would like to collect ideas and alternatives, exchange ideas with you and celebrate small and big successes on the way to a plastic-free life.

We would like to inform you with in-depth expertise in the field of dental care and health, clean up with myths and falsehoods and bring you closer to our products.
We want to show you that sometimes you have to break old patterns, to realize that right, always has been wrong, that not every self-evident is the right and optimal solution and that it makes sense, especially when it comes to your own body, to deal with natural alternatives.

DENTTABS are more than just toothpaste tablets. DENTTABS stands for a conviction and a desire to raise awareness in society about sustainability and personal care. Through innovative products and packaging, we want to encourage rethinking.

We are happy if you accompany us along the way, support us with your inspiration, your suggestions and your feedback, so that we can make a big difference with small steps.
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