With big steps we are heading for Christmas Eve and slowly everyone starts with wrapping the gifts.
We’ll show you a few ways to wrap the gifts for your loved ones sustainable and plastic-free for Christmas. Less waste and more fun for everyone.

The nicest thing right after the bright eyes when unpacking, is the anticipation of this moment while wrapping the gifts.
But what is prepared so nicely for one special moment of the year, causes a lot of brightly colored, glittering garbage from bows and wrapping paper in every household.
Packaging can be not only sustainable and still stylish, but also completely plastic-free.

For example, you can give away smaller presents, such as home-made creams, treats, or our toothpaste tablets in a screw-top jar. Anyway, they are a regular part of food shopping and can be cleaned for the gifting and later be reused by the recipient after your gift has been used.

The same applies to cotton bags, which are ideal for shopping for vegetables and fruits and like this also avoid plastic garbage in the supermarket. So a little win win for everyone.

And while we are already talking about the kitchen stuff: beeswaxes are a long-lasting and at the same time functional gift “paper” for small surprises and goodies.
You can even make these yourself using organic cotton, fabric remnants and beeswax.

Speaking of fabric scraps: the colorful scraps are a great decoration and packaging material for Christmas.

Old notesheets or newspaper are also decorative and can be processed like wrapping paper. You can then upgrade your gift with cotton ribbons and small sprigs of fir and rosehip.

Even small boxes made of bamboo or wheat grass  are sustainable gift packaging, which can then be reused, protect the environment and yet decoratively lie under the Christmas tree.

You see: with a bit of creativity, your gifts can be packaged in a wonderfully sustainable way and without unnecessary waste.

If you are still looking for inspiration for sustainable gifts for Christmas, we have gathered great ideas for you here too.
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We wish you a wonderful Christmas.
Your DENTTABS team

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