Christmas season starts and comes along with the question:
How can I surprise my beloved ones?
How about a bit more sustainability this time? Because gifting can be also sustainable, plastic-free and ecological.
We are not talking about DENTTABS alone, even if we arte pretty sure that almost everyone is happy about a bag of DENTTABS under the Christmas tree.
But there is so much more to enjoy.
We’ve collected some ideas for you and hope we can inspire you sustainably.

May it be a bit sustainable for Christmas?

Of course. Especially friends and family who may not yet have found the way to sustainability, who are overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities or just do not know exactly where to start, are happy about a small sustainable care package under the Christmas tree. You can either give them a little pleasure by giving them a small sustainable and guaranteed plastic-free starter set or surprise them with self-made gifts.

Here is a small selection of great sustainable gifts for Christmas:

1.Sustainable Lunchboxes & Co

Let’s be honest: Almost everyone can use a lunch box, a water bottle or a storage tin. Why not in sustainable and plastic free, such as the great products of ECO BROTBOX?
The sustainable alternatives made of stainless steel not only have the advantage that they are plastic-free, they are also dishwasher safe, very durable and versatile.
Right now you can win an introductory set with ECO BROTBOX on our Instagram channel. Have a look.

2. Stylish drinking bottles made of glass

Water, bottled in disposable bottles, causes considerable amounts of disposable plastic annually, even if especially in Germany, the tap water isharmless and tasty.
Switching to tap water is not only cost effective but also very sustainable. To not suffer a thirst on the go, you can bottle your drinks in stylish and sturdy glass bottles.
We can highly recommend those ones from Soulbottles from Berlin. There you can choose from a wide selection of designs (most recently also made of stainless steel) and even support the Viva Con Aqua project with every purchase. Would not that be a great gift?

3. Cotton bag for shopping

Goodbye plastic bags  and welcome the sustainable alternatives made of cotton.
Meanwhile, there are cotton bags in different sizes – small, large, medium – and you can use them practically on the market or in the grocery shops to pack fresh fruit and vegetables. When your sweetheart is just about to switch to sustainability and zero waste, the cotton bags are the perfect entry-level gift for a life without plastic – especially in the unpacked stores, shopping is extremely practical, because the bags are usually labeled with their own weight.

4. Beeswax towels

Cotton towels coated with beeswax are a perfect, sustainable alternative to cling film or aluminum foil. They keep food, such as fruits and vegetables, but also bread fresh for a long time, can be carefully washed off and thus used again and again. Beeswax is a really great gift for everyone to use, and it’s sure to be fun for a zero waste newbie.
Incidentally, it will be more individual if you make the cloths yourself. All you need is organic cotton and beeswax.

5. Safety razor

Disposable razors, same like plastic toothbrushes, produce millions of garbage every year, but actually you can easily replace with the more sustainable alternatives. These are made of stainless steel or even made of fine wood and bamboo. With a safety razor you only change the blades regularly. That saves a lot of rubbish and even money.
For example, you can get a razor with wood from ECO YOU.

6. Make-up removal pads, cotton buds and Co.

Make-up and cotton buds do not sound sexy for a Christmas present? Also  the garbage mountains caused by the disposable variants aren’t very sexy. Every now and then you need one or the other utensils for daily facial care and why we do not use sustainable, plastic-free alternatives?
Make-up removal pads are made of fabric and can be washed. This allows them to be used over and over again – just put it in the washing machine.
By the way, you can also sew the pads yourself and personalize them for the recipient.

7. Bath bombs, natural body oils and CO.

Where we are already talking about body care: Have you ever made natural care for the face and body yourself? It’s much easier than you think, it’s fun, it’s sustainable, it’s cheap, and your beloved ones are guaranteed to enjoy your lovingly self-made pampering products.
The very best: You can make the beauty products from 100% natural ingredients, so you know exactly what’s in it, you can customize for your friend or family member, leave some leftovers for yourself to enjoy and everything without plastic.
Let yourself be inspired by our DIY tutorials. Here we have already shown a nourishing body oil, as well as a natural deodorant do it yourself. Just take a look.

8. DENTTABS Toothbrush Tablets & Bamboo Toothbrushes

Of course, we should not miss in the list of sustainable gifts, because DENTTABS is now waiting during Christmas time with very special offers for you and your loved ones. Whether the Starter Set, our Travel Set or the 2 for 1 Bamboo Brush Kids offer: you benefit from our special offers and you can treat yourself with the natural and plastic-free dental care or put us right underneath the Christmas tree.
Be sure to visit our DENTTABS shop.

9. Spend time together

The best present for Christmas is time. Time spent together with loved ones and time taken for and with family, friends and partners is most beautiful gift you can give or receive. Therefore, we find that homemade gifts that you made with love and patience, baked, stitched, crocheted, painted or knotted or simply shared experiences are still the best gifts ever.
Time is so precious that there is no material value for it. A shared great experience does not have to cost anything, but it can last you for a long time.
It probably can not be more sustainable, right?

We wish you and your loved ones a very nice, relaxed and peaceful Christmas.

Your DENTTABS team

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